Vacanza con il cane:

Ero avventuriero, testa pelosa e un padrone di casa molto premuroso

in memoriam a Lenny

*17.08.2014  ✟ 18.06.2019

You were more than a dog. You were my partner in crime, part of every adventure, my guide to our mountain playground and we discovered our new home together.
You were always there, always picked me up, you were pure joy, you loved without questions and followed blindly wherever I went, never knowing where we’re headed but full of trust. Unconditionally.

These mountains you loved tore you away in a sudden and brutal way. Wherever you may be, may you roam freely on a green mountainside, be free of pain and feel loved. Unconditionally.

Be remembered as you lived, a free mind with the sights on the mountains, as captured in the last picture I shot of you.

My heart is broken till we meet again. May God rest your soul, mein Bua

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